Summer is definitely over now, the mornings are turning chilly …. and with conkers and autumn leaves dropping all around us, there is no denying that Autumn is well and truly upon us. Autumn photoshoots at this time of year can be really lovely with beautiful backdrops of colourful leaves as they turn.  I am often asked what to wear for an Autumn photo session and so here are a few suggestions about what works best.

Autumn mini shoot



Be comfortable!

The most important thing is that everyone is comfortable and wearing something that they are happy to be in – there’s nothing worse than a grumpy kid who has been told to wear something they don’t want to!   What you wear should also reflect who you are – you don’t have to dress up for the shoot if your natural style is casual.  If your kids live in jeans, then let them come in jeans.  There’s always the option of bringing along THAT favourite top (that’s not really ideal for the photos) and having some individual or a few group photos taken with the prized item … but also having some options for the main shots.



For any shoots, I would always suggest avoiding stripes, logos and bold patterns and this is no different for an Autumn photoshoot.  In terms of colours, these are the colours that I think can work well.  The outfits below are all from the current H&M range, but all the shops have lots of warm earthy colours in at this time of year – as may your wardrobe!  You can be bold.

Work together as a group

Depending on the ages of the people involved, you may or may not be able to influence what everyone is wearing.  Funnily enough, the most rebellious are the over 60’s who usually think they know better than me and ignore my advice!  But if you can look at what everyone is wearing as a group then that really helps, and try to work to an Autumn photoshoot colour palette similar to the one above.


Autumn can be a great time to accessorise with hats, scarves etc …. which can definitely add to the styling of the shoot.  And if you happen to have a golden coloured doggy then that’s an added bonus!

Boy and dad in autumn

And finally, in terms of what NOT to wear for an Autumn photoshoot, here are a few summary pointers:

  •  Plain colours also work so much better than patterns, florals or tartans,
  •  Logos can really date what the kids are wearing.
  • Pink is not so great in Autumn (save it for Spring)
  • If you love red, then a darker tone will blend better with the yellow and browns of the Autumn leaves.
  • Grey is good, black not so much.

The results of our shoot may end up on your walls, so it is worth thinking about what you wear!