As well as offering photography for corporate headshots, I also offer website photography.  This can include headshots taken on location and images that illustrate what your business is all about.  Your website is so very important in terms of the first impression you create, and having some quality photography is key to this impression you leave.  You need to entice visitors to your site to stay longer and find out more about you, rather than leaving your site because they are uninspired by the imagery or text they find.

Today I was doing just this for Michelle Johns, who is a holistic health and beauty professional based near Slough, south Buckinghamshire.   Her experience includes health and nutrition, exercise, Nordic walking and Kundalini yoga.  For the website photography session I was taking photos of her so that she had some headshots to use on her website as well as social media sites, and then some images of her Nordic Walking and doing yoga.   I look forward to seeing the updated website!  Here are some of the images from the session.