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Family portraits - delighted!

We've had a great many admiring comments about all the canvases from visitors over Christmas and New Year.  I can't adequately express how superb Dave and I think the photos are (they were JUST what I wanted - and better! As if I had waved a magic wand!) and how beautifully we feel you have captured all three boys. The photos mean so much to us.  I find myself gazing at the canvases - the big one in particular, of course, which is hanging most prominently - several times throughout the day!  Thanks a million  once again Jenny.

- Helga

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Baby photos

The pictures are just stunning. Response from my sister was just crying down the phone and from my mum "Absolutely BRILLIANT!!! BEAUTIFUL!! . Isn't that Jenny talented?!" Thank you so much...to think we would not have thought to have anything like that done and now we have such a fantastic record of Freddie so young.

(and about the slideshow ......)

What can I say? It is absolutely amazing and has reduced us to emotional wrecks. The photos are absolutely beautiful and the whole video is something very special that we are so touched by. I can't tell you how grateful we both are - I certainly did not expect anything like that when you suggested coming over to take some pictures. It is not often that I see Mark quite so moved by something.

Thank you so much.  

- Helen