Today it is two years to the day that we all sat glued to the TV, listening to Boris telling us that because of the Covid pandemic, we were going into National Lockdown.  What we didn’t know then!  I know that personally, I assumed it would be for 2-3 weeks and then we would all bounce back to normal again.  Mmmm didn’t quite call that one right did I?!

So all of a sudden, we were unable to mix for either business or social reasons … and obviously this had huge knock on effects on many businesses.  As a photographer, it is pretty key that I am able to meet my clients in person in order to photograph them …. or so I thought.  One surprising thing that has arisen as a result of the pandemic and lockdowns is the Virtual Photoshoot.  What?  Exactly!  I was beyond sceptical when I first heard about this, but read on, and I will explain how this works and what can be done.

Before session itself we have a Zoom chat so that I can get to know my client and their brand which is really useful in terms of knowing what sort of images we are aiming to achieve.  I also explain the logistics of what we will do on the day, and together we plan out where and what we will be photographing.   Most clients feel a lot more relaxed and confident after this and it helps to dispel any pre-session nerves.

During a Virtual Photoshoot, I am at my desk on my computer, and my client is in their home/ workplace with their Smartphone.  Through the magic of technology, we are able to connect, and I can take photos through my client’s Smartphone.  (iPhone 7 onwards or decent Android will be fine).  I direct my client by advising them where to sit/ stand / pose, and where to place the phone in order to take advantage of the available light.  This works really well for shoots with one or two models/ subjects – so it’s perfect for Personal Branding or headshot updates.   During the shoot we have a chat and a laugh and I take the photos.   After the shoot I edit the photos and present them back to my client in a gallery.

There are some HUGE advantages to working this way:

  • It is great for the camera shy as actually, you don’t even know when I am taking photos
  • We don’t need to be geographically close – with good wifi we can connect, anywhere in the world
  • It is an easy, low cost and quick way to get a brand update
  • Short of time?  You don’t even have to leave your own home!

It might feel like a leap of faith, but it really works!  Better still, it is actually really fun to do and previous clients have both enjoyed the sessions and been delighted with the results.

If you would like to learn more, do have a look at my website page here or book in for a no obligation chat about how we could put together your very own virtual brand shoot.