Eye-catching website photography is your big opportunity to make a big impact.  These days no-one refers to a Yellow Pages or Thomsons when looking up a business or service – in fact, I am guessing that many people under the age of twenty wouldn’t even recognise those directories.  We know it’s all about the internet now, so having strong website photography is absolutely essential in ensuring that visitors to your website are tempted to stay longer and investigate further.   The first part of this process is to ensure you have a fabulous corporate headshot – this can be used not only on your website but also on social media such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook etc.  Often these images will appear quite small on a site, so it is key that the image used is clear and uncluttered.


The headshots don’t have to be studio images – a location image might well be more appropriate and particularly if it is to be used on the website, images of the business owner in his or her own environment will give the viewer a better feel for what the business is all about.

And then of course, website photography itself might include product images as well as activities.  Prior to any corporate headshot or website photography session I would discuss with you what your business is all about, and what you hope to portray on your website so that I can then decide on the best way to capture that imagery.  This might be anything from picture framing –  like at Bespoke framing …..

…. to Giardini yoga


to Nordic Walking with Michelle Johns


to pictures of children tearing down a slide at the indoor play barn at Odds Farm Park

If you are interested in discussing your website photography or corporate headshot needs with me then do please get in touch.