What is it they say?  Never work with animals and children?!  One of the great things about my job is that I get to work with such a range of  clients – from corporate executives for business headshots, to families with animals and children, to teenagers or product shots.   After a few days of chasing toddlers round at a nursery, some product photography can be just what I need!   Often when photographing families, I get asked if I can take photos of the family pet as well – they are very much part of the family after all.  In the past this has included rabbits, cats, dogs and even the odd horse!  Needless to say, not all these shoots take place in my Beaconsfield studio and I think that animals are usually better photographed in the great outdoors where we will have the best opportunity of creating natural shots.

Adding an animal to the shoot will also change the whole dynamics of the session and provides a great diversion for camera shy children who can focus on playing or engaging with the animals involved rather than worrying about what I am up to and this can result in beautiful natural imagery that really evokes the relationships involved.