It’s that time of year again when Spring is in the air and we start thinking about Spring and summer shoots.  Some of you may already be signed up for a Bluebell shoot session and if so, might be wondering about what is best to wear for such a shoot. The bluebell woods can provide a wonderful setting for a photoshoot but it is worth thinking about what/ when and how before you head out there!

When do the bluebells come out?

The best time for the bluebell woods is usually from the middle of April to early May, but this is hugely dependent on the weather in the couple of months before hand.  Warm dry weather will bring them on much sooner whereas cold weather may delay them through into May.  I usually expect them to be at their peak around the 20th April with the whole season being a maximum of three weeks that they actually look good.

What to wear for a bluebell woods photoshoot?

Given the colours that occur naturally within the woods – strong blues/ purples of the flowers and light greens on the foliage – it is best to avoid introducing too many new colours.  Soft neutrals along with pastel shades tend to work really well.  Light blues and dusky pinks are both really good as well as white. Lime green is opposite purple in the colour spectrum so naturally complements it and can work really well for individual images (see the header image) but is not necessarily ideal if there are several people together in the photos.


So what about the group or family shot?

The main thing about the family shot is to try and avoid one person standing out from everyone else because they are wearing something radically different. If everyone wears soft blues/ white and one person has a red top then this is going to jar and will not create as pleasing an image.  You don’t necessarily all want to wear the SAME colour, but a variety of shades along a similar theme can work really nicely.

family walking in bluebells

What should we avoid?

I often get asked what NOT to wear to a photoshoot and this is quite easy – here are a few pointers:

  • Avoid spots, stripes, and large logos as these tend to grab attention away from your faces
  • Avoid large floral prints – (small ones are OK)
  • In general avoid black for a bluebell woods shoot
  • Avoid oranges and reds – save these for your autumn shoots!

What else do I need to know?

Most importantly, we need to be respectful and careful of the bluebells themselves.  During the session we need to take care not to trample or tread on these delicate flowers.  Usually there will be a pathway and clearing throughout the woods so although you may see photos that make it look as though people are walking through the bluebells, when cleverly photographed, this can be done without causing damage.

You need to remember that we are going to be in the woods, so there are a couple of things to bear in mind.   Often I may suggest you sit on the ground in clearings or on logs, so it is worth wearing something that is not too precious!  Heels are not ideal for this type of shoot although a wedge could potentially work.


If you would like to book in for a Bluebells shoot then do get in touch for either a full session or a Bluebells Mini shoot – further details on my website.

Here are some of the shades that work well in the woods:

What to wear in the bluebells