When I am taking family portraits, I often supply customers with the finished product as a canvas or framed print.  Sometimes I get asked to do something different or to apply some special effects to the photographs.  All images would be edited after a session to ensure an optimal balance of colour has been achieved, and to tidy up any marks that look out of place or blemishes that need removing.  I can apply beauty retouching techniques if required but in general I prefer my family photos to be realistic as well as flattering, so certainly do not go for the ‘plastic skin!’ – more the natural look.

A customer a while back asked me to take some individual portraits of her four girls as well as the family photos we were doing of everyone.  She was keen to have ‘Warhol style’ screen prints of these to put in their playroom which had bold primary colours, in particular, red.  Last week I was popped back to see this customer and it was great to see the family photos up on the wall.  They looked just great in situ and it is always lovely to see your images in place and not just on the computer screen.